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Clinical Documentation

You are four clicks away from cutting your note-taking time in half.

The Future of

Clinical Documentation

Your Comprehensive Clinical Documentation Platform

Our AI Goes Way Beyond Notes

Clinical Notes AI Follows Your Unique Document Journey From Assessments & Session Notes to Treatment Plans, Patient Recaps, and more. Session notes are only the beginning.

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How It Works

The average time from session to EHR submission is 2 minutes.

  • Press the live session or dictate button.
  • HIPAA compliant speech to text technology captures key insights.
  • Choose your note format.
  • Review and approve your note or document.
  • Choose EHR transfer options.
  • Move on to your next client.

90% of Your Note is Compiled In Seconds

Clinical Notes AI positions your notes and documentation to align with the clinical specifications unique to your treatment protocols. Within seconds, your note is ready for review, editing, and EHR submission. It's truly that easy.

Beyond that, you will have instant access to patient-facing session recaps, the most up-to-date billing and diagnostic codes, treatment plans, and more. Our comprehensive platform is designed to support you every step of the way.


We offer a range of plans starting as low as $15.

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10 Dictation Credits / Week

10 Live Session Credits

2 Document Credits



10 Dictation Credits / Week

10 Live Session Credits

2 Document Credits



Unlimited Dictations

20 Live Session Credits / Month

2 Document Credits / Month



Unlimited Dictations

40 Live Session Credits / Month

5 Document Credits / Month



Unlimited Dictations

Unlimited Live Sessions

Unlimited Documents

We are the most comprehensive AI-based Clinical Documentation Tool on the market.

Experience effortless documentation, stabilize your processes, and maximize your therapeutic impact.